With this major milestone HGC joins the industry-wide momentum for seamless inter-provider service provision, enabling a further assured level of operational efficiency and serviceability.

LSO Sonata APIs relate to the interface reference point within the LSO Reference Architecture that supports automated business-to-business interactions between service providers. The full suite of available and planned LSO Sonata APIs deals with serviceability (address validation, site queries, product offering qualification), product inventory, quoting, ordering, trouble ticketing, contracts, and billing.

Implementation of LSO Sonata APIs enables HGC to further enhance its participation in a global federation of automated networks that will support dynamic inter-provider services with frictionless commerce, bringing value to business customers with:

Jacqueline Teo, Chief Digital Officer, HGC, said, “HGC is a firm believer in standards that drive consistent and repeatable collaboration between carriers. LSO Sonata enables HGC to access markets faster and to integrate our core platforms with other carriers to provide frictionless customer experience. Such seamless integration would enable HGC to achieve our vision of digital customer journeys, improve our productivity and further down the road, make inclusion of new business models possible.”

Ravindran Mahalingam, Senior Vice President of International Business, HGC, said, “The investment in MEF’s LSO Sonata APIs is a key leapfrog for HGC. With continuous industry-wide support, it would enable us to achieve the vision in automation in our business operation, further down the road inclusion of new business models will be available, with improved flexibility, agility. We can pick up the momentum to assist customers to achieve fast business deployment in their digital experience spectrum as a result."

Nan Chen, President, MEF, said, “MEF congratulates HGC on its work to become production-ready with MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata APIs. This accomplishment demonstrates a clear commitment to providing a high-quality customer experience with faster service delivery and improved service agility made possible by automation of inter-provider business interactions. Together with MEF, the pioneering adopters of LSO Sonata APIs are accelerating industry transformation to dynamic, assured, and certified services across a global federation of automated networks.”

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